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Acupuncture Step

Help for opening blocked meridian to get healing back, relieving pains and stress, and relaxing and balancing body, in the same time enhancing body health and immune system, and increasing energy.

  1. Take herbal pills to drive away toxins, or take tonic herbal juice to enhance immune system and body and organs health, and increase energy.
  2. Acupuncture: to clear blocked meridians and drive away stagnant Chi (energy) and blood, and restore circulation to relieve pains, fibromylgia, arthritis, stress and diseases, and balance body. Acupuncture and herbs also enhance liver and kidney function, because for bone strength is dependent on strong, health kidneys, while tendons and muscles depend on the liver and blood for nourishment, and also balance other organs. Besides the body accepts herbs like food without side-effects, so that dietary wastes that aggravate pain, stiffness, stress and diseases can be eliminated. A patient undergoing acupuncture spreads through the local, affected area, indication that the energy channels - meridians are open and working once again. Sometimes the symptoms will worsen temporarily as energy surges through meridians, but this usually clears within hours of treatment.
  3. Moxibustion is warm on the skin or on the end of acu-needle to draw blocked energy and blood from deep inside the body. It is used to warm meridians and remove cold, wind and damp. It also enhances the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.
  4. Shiatsu and Tuina therapy: a specialized form of massage which works on the energy meridians, along with Chi Gong, a form of movement energy meditation with many beneficial health effects, allows muscles to relax, and relieve tension and pains, and soothe frazzled nerves and relieve stress, and clear meridian blockages and promote good circulation of Chi energy and blood. And also at the same time helps improve and strengthen the organs to which they relate (heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs, etc.). As a result, the body's ability to resist diseases through immune system stimulation is enhanded. In the process, the diseases, pain and stress can be relieved.
  5. Look after whole body health and strong all functions of organs and increase energy: According to the TCM meridian theory, the Pang Guang meridian is an energy pathway situated on both sides of the spine, from which vital energy of related organs is imported / expored, via acu-points, and then concentrated and circulated along meridians to provide nutrition, Chi energy and blood to various organs. If some acu-ponts along this meridian are blocked or Chi (energy) and blood is stagnated, the related organs will be affected and diseases will arise such as diseases of each body systems. For open their meridian, strong organ functions and relieve stress, etc., we also use acupressure without needle to stimulate all these acu-points. The body's healing response (or auto-immune system) is stimulated and enhanced. As a result, strengthened the body's self-harmony, and increased energy.

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